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October 22, 2020 05:12 PM

On October 16th, 2020, The City of Burbank implemented a process for the enforcement of face covering requirements within the City. 

Since the onset of the enforcement process, the City has received a high volume of communication on this subject, from many who support enforcement efforts and also many who are opposed.  The City values all of the comments and feedback received and understands that this is a very sensitive subject.  Continued dialogue and open communication with our community members will continue to be a valued and integral part of the on-going review of the enforcement process as we move forward in these unprecedented and challenging times.

Pursuant to Burbank Municipal Code, the City is utilizing a contracted consultant authorized by the City Manager as an agent of the City to carry out enforcement efforts through the issuance of administrative citations.  The consultant provides professionally trained code enforcement officers who are also experienced in conducting enforcement for face covering requirements.  Enforcement efforts have been directed towards providing education regarding face covering requirements, with warnings issued to those not in compliance and masks provided to those without one in public settings.  Enforcement efforts have been focused in highly populated areas of the City, to include downtown Burbank, the Chandler Bikeway, the Magnolia Park business district, and City parks.  Efforts are conducted at varying hours of the day and at peak population times for each area.

The in-person enforcement efforts and staff have been positively received within the community.  Enforcement officers have reported that the majority of community members are in compliance with face covering requirements.  Community members have been receptive to education on the City’s requirements and amenable to wearing a mask when one is provided.  Enforcement staff have had many interactions with Burbank residents expressing appreciation for their service and who are pleased to see enforcement efforts in place.  Throughout the City, there has also been an observable increase in face covering compliance since the onset of the enforcement process.

Enforcement efforts will continue through education and the issuance of warnings through next week, with the continued goal of obtaining voluntary compliance from all community members.  Beginning on Friday, October 30, 2020, enforcement officers will begin issuance of administrative citations with a monetary fine for non-compliance with face covering requirements.  The fine schedule is $100 for a first citation, $200 for a second citation, and $500 for any subsequent citations issued for the same violation within a 12-month period. 

The City’s goal is to ensure the safety of all of our residents and visitors as we strive to reopen businesses and conduct recreational activities in a safe environment.  The cooperation of all community members is appreciated and everyone is encouraged to wear face coverings when in public, in close proximity of others, and in following the City’s guidelines regarding face covering requirements.  The public’s safety and health will benefit from your cooperation and support.



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