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Regional Occupational Program

The purpose of the Regional Occupational Program is to teach a vocation or provide information about a vocation such as law enforcement to high school juniors and seniors. The seniors and juniors may have an interest in law enforcement and the ROP course is designed to guide the students in their career choice. The ROP course allows them to gain five (5) elective credits.

The classes are two and one-half hours long twice a week for 18 weeks. During that time, they are taught life lessons, what to expect if they choose a career in law enforcement, completion of their resume, interviewing skills, and other law enforcement related topics. The department provides guest speakers for the different topics which allow the teens to interact and ask questions. The class is successful because the topics are taught in a way that teens can relate to even if there is no interest in law enforcement.

For questions regarding ROP, contact Officer Castro at kcastro@burbankca.gov.

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