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SCAM ALERT: Apple iTunes Gift Card Requests

March 9, 2018 01:59 PM

Recently, we've heard of several scams involving alleged "viruses" on computers and iPads which instruct the victim to call Apple Support. The number appears authentic, and the technician might sound legitimate. In almost every case, the person asks the victim to purchase a large quantity of Apple iTunes gift cards ($100-$250) and provide the codes to them over the phone or via scanner and email.

This is a SCAM.

Don't ever open an e-mail from anyone you don't know or trust, and certainly do not click any links you don't recognize or trust.

If ANYONE asks you to purchase Apple iTunes gift cards over the phone or otherwise, for example - to pay for "virus protection software" or "firewall protection" - DISCONNECT the call immediately.

We had an incident occur within Burbank just last night. Please share this message with the elderly who are often targets of these scams.



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