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Graffiti Removal

To remove graffiti from publicly visible areas of your property, please call (818) 238-3806 or submit an email to graffitiremoval@burbankca.gov . There is currently no charge for Burbank's graffiti removal service. Before graffiti can be removed, a signed "Right to Enter" release must be on file with the Public Works Department. Please call (818) 238-3800 to verify that a release is on file or to obtain a release.

Grafiiti found elsewhere should be reported to the following:
Found On: Call:
Burbank Schools (818) 729-4400
Post Office Mail Boxes (626) 405-1208
Light Poles (818) 238-3806
Bus Benches and Shelters (818) 846-1300
Concrete Benches (818) 238-3806
Freeway Walls and Ramps (213) 897-3656
Walls of L.A. River Wash (800) 675-4357
Newsracks (818) 238-3915


The City cannot remove graffiti from back or side yards of your property (unless publicly visible and easily accessible within 5 to 10 feet of your property line), vehicles, company signs, billboards, railroad property, or telephone property. Owners of these properties remove graffiti from their own property. The Public Works Permit Section administers the placement and maintenance of newsracks. The graffiti removal process is enforced by Burbank Municipal Code Chapter 20, Article 10. To report any person(s) placing graffiti on private or public property, call the Burbank Police at (818) 238-3000.

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