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Meet Apollo & Stella...


Get ready to meet an adorable odd couple! Apollo and Stella are bonded for life and looking for a loving, compassionate owner. Apollo is the young buck; he's a 1.5 year old brown Chihuahua. Stella is his much adored matriarch companion; she is a 9 year old Labrador mix. These two are very close. Apollo is energetic, friendly, and a bit more independent. He'll do well with daily exercise and will be a great walking buddy. Stella could join the walk for a bit, but prefers to spend her days relaxing in a low-key style of life, reflecting on how much she loves her friend Apollo. They are both very good-looking, enjoy treats, and are precious together. Come down to the shelter and say hello to this delightful duo. Apollo, A058793, and Stella, A058794... you could be their perfect third!         




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A One-Year Burbank Animal Shelter Resident Goes Home

Animal Shelter

Burbank Animal Shelter Location

1150 N. Victory Place, Burbank, CA 91502
(Across the street from Costco and the Burbank Empire Center).

Phone: (818) 238-3340 / Fax: (818) 238-3346

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Saturday – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday – 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Closed on major holidays.

Animal Service Request

To request animal shelter services in the City of Burbank, select the link below to submit a service request online or call 818-238-3340. Online reporting is for NON-EMERGENCY requests only. If your need for assistance is urgent, please contact the Burbank Animal Shelter directly.



About The Burbank Animal Shelter

The City of Burbank Animal Shelter has been providing quality Animal Control services since the 1950’s. Our mission is to return lost animals to their owners, to find loving homes for stray animals and to control overpopulation through consistent spay/neuter efforts. We strive to eliminate animal suffering by educating the public and enforcing the humane treatment of animals.
To facilitate finding homes for animals, the Shelter produces a weekly “Adopt-A-Pet” television program that can be viewed on Burbank Channel 6 and our Animal Shelter Media Page. A selected Burbank Animal Shelter animal is featured in the Burbank Leader weekly. The Shelter features special adoption events and discounted adoption rates throughout the year focused on adopting harder to place animals. Volunteers also host and attend various events in the community to showcase our animals.
The Burbank Animal Shelter is currently staffed by 12 employees. Staff is supported by
approximately 100 volunteers. Both staff and volunteers work daily to provide care,
food and veterinary service for the animals arriving at the Shelter. The Shelter’s
medical program is responsible for spaying and neutering animals adopted from the
Shelter and treating ailments that would normally hinder an animal from being adopted.
We know that together we can make a difference and continue to strive daily to become the best
animal care facility we can by providing quality housing, food and medical care for those animals
who have been lost or abandoned. We strive to pave the way for a brighter future for animals in
the Burbank Community and to ensure that our strays have a chance to get what we all desire for
them - a loving, permanent home.

Phone: 818-238-3000
For Emergencies Call: 911
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