Bicycle Registration

Nationwide, thousands of stolen or lost bicycles are recovered, but many are never returned to their owners. Unfortunately, many bicycles found in the City of Burbank are part of this statistic. To help lower the national and local numbers of unreturned bicycles, the Burbank Police Department has established a database to help us return found bicycles to their rightful owners. The registration form below can be used to submit your bicycle information to the Burbank Police Department.

The information you provide below will be stored in an electronic database and compared to bicycles found within the City of Burbank. The Burbank Police bicycle registration opportunity is available to those who live or work in the City of Burbank.

Please Note: This form is not for reporting a lost or stolen bicycle. To report a lost or stolen bicycle, please visit the online police reporting portal on our website.


To begin registering your bicycle, CLICK HERE.

Phone: 818-238-3000
For Emergencies Call: 911
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