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Traffic Bureau


The Burbank Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of the citizens in our community. Impairment, speeding, street racing, and other dangerous driving behaviors jeopardize the safety of other people on the road. We continue to enforce traffic laws with the goal of reducing collisions, educating the citizens in our community, and keeping our community safe. This is achieved through the establishment of preventative patrols to manage specific categories of unlawful driving behavior.

Traffic enforcement strategies are based on collision data, enforcement activity records, traffic volume, and traffic conditions. Several methods contribute to our overall goal: arrests, citations, warnings, and education. Through these methods and efforts, we strive to educate our community on the importance of safe driving, and we aim to keep our community safe.

Because traffic and parking impact all citizens to one extent or another, it naturally follows that Traffic Bureau's Charter is very far-reaching and excompasses (bot not limited to) the following major functional areas of responsibility:



  • Traffic enforcement (citations and arrests).
  • Traffic collision investigations.
  • Impoundment of vehicles incidental to arrests and/or citations.
  • DUI and Driver's License Checkpoints.
  • Citizen-prompted traffic complaint investigations and “speed trailer” deployment.
  • Parades, Special Events, Labor Demonstrations, etc.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian Safety School for juveniles.
  • Driver and pedestrian education for senior citizens.
  • Education and enforcement details in high collision areas.


  • Enforcement of BMC and CVC parking statutes.
  • Traffic control at scenes of major incidents and call-outs.


  • Assist and direct students at select intersections to assure safe arrival to and departure from Burbank Public Elementary Schools.
  • Veritable 100% history of no mishaps in very congested, high-risk environments.


  • Issue film permits pursuant to BMC statutes and City policies related to filming on public and private property, including studios and sound stages.
  • Coordinate with Burbank Fire Dept., City Attorney, Film Permit Services & Production Companies, etc. to assure compliance with laws and policies.


  • Assist citizens face-to-face, telephonically, and via email to address needs and requests to ensure a very high level of service and swift resolution of issues.


  • Accept in-person, by-mail, and by drop-box payments for Burbank Parking Citations.
Business Line & General Information: 818-238-3333
Non-Emergency, Police Response: 818-238-3000
Emergencies: 911
200 North Third St., Burbank, CA 91502
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