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Burbank Police Department Response to Recent Videos Posted on Social Media

March 23, 2023 05:51 PM


The Burbank Police Department (Department) is aware of several videos circulating on social media relating to domestic violence incidents involving a former Burbank police officer.

We appreciate the community’s concerns, and we assure you the incidents are being investigated by the Department’s Investigation Division.  A detective who specializes in domestic violence cases is working closely with prosecuting authorities. 

The posted videos only show a portion of the incidents.  Additionally, some of the related videos posted contain commentary from a person who does not have firsthand knowledge of the facts, or any known connection to the investigations, or the parties involved. 

Active criminal investigations are confidential, and it would be inappropriate to offer public comment.  This is especially true when victims of domestic violence are involved. 

Calls for service to the Department of reported, threatened, imminent, and/or ongoing occurrences of domestic violence and the violation of any court order are of extreme importance and considered among the highest response priorities for the Department.  Domestic violence cases can be very complex; therefore, a methodical approach is taken by the Department in conducting these investigations. Commentary submitted on social media in the absence of firsthand knowledge of the facts does not add value to the ongoing investigation.

The Department is committed to transparency, public trust, and community partnerships.  We understand the public may have questions about police interactions, especially when videos are posted to social media outlets.  We ask for your patience as this case is investigated and submitted to the prosecuting authorities for review and processing through the criminal justice system.

For your awareness, all officers are equipped with body-worn cameras.  Department personnel are required to adhere to policy guidelines for the use of these devices, which includes the requirement to record all enforcement and investigative contacts, whether self-initiated or in response to a call for service.  As mandated by policy, all recordings shall continue for the duration of each interaction.  The body-worn cameras and Department policy ensure our contacts are memorialized with digital evidence, which provides independent objective documentation to confirm the nature of the events, assist in resolving inconsistencies, corroborate community concerns, and/or provide justification for police actions.

The Department appreciates the feedback the community has provided;  it is valuable in ensuring our officers continually interact with all members of the community and carry out their duties in a professional and respectful manner. 

The Department hopes the above information has brought increased clarity regarding concerns about the situations depicted in the posted videos.



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