Film Permit Fees

Film Permits and Associated Costs

(Added to Section 4 on 6/9/92, Resolution 23,624)

(Moved to Section 5 on 6/25/96, Resolution 24,771)

(Last Update 6/11/13, Resolution 28,619)

Film Permits and Associated Costs
Description Amount Unit/Time
A) Film Permit $350.00 Per 7 Days
B) Single Day Film Permit $150.00 Per Day
C) Street/Sidewalk $200.00 Per Permit
D) Use of City Property $200.00 Per Day
E) Rental of Police Motor $60.00 Per Day
F) Change (Rider) to $50.00 Each Change
G) Film Permit "No Parking" Signs $1.00 Each


Facility Usage Fee
Description Amount Unit/Time
1) DeBell Golf Course and Par 3 $1,000.00 Per Day
2) Starlight Bowl $5,000.00 Per 4 Hours
3) Roller Hockey Rink $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
4) Swimming Pool $200.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
5) Activity Pool $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
6)Theatre $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
7) Tennis Center $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
8) Art Gallery $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
9)Skate Park $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
10) Gym $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
11)Senior Center Auditorium $100.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)
11) Other Park Facilities $200.00 Per Hour (2-Hour Minimum)


Staffing Costs

Administrative Costs                                   $200.00

Site Preparation                                           100% of staff hourly rate

The basic facility usage fee will be a minimum of $200. Each facility will be treated separately (i.e. parking, ball diamond, classroom, etc.). Parking will be assessed at $3 per parking space used up to an 8 hour period. If required by the Department Director, 100% of staff supervision with a 2 hour minimum will be assigned and will be compensated based on the applicable hourly rate.

Notice: The Park, Recreation and Community Services Department will be given a minimum of 72 hours to determine availability, feasibility and staffing necessary to accommodate each request. For requests submitted after the stated notification period, all costs will be doubled.

Cancellations:  Administrative Costs will not be refunded.

(I) Additional fees may apply if various City departments are required to process a film permit.

Phone: 818-238-3000
For Emergencies Call: 911
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